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Pediatric Dentistry

The oral health of your child can significantly affect their smile and dental wellness in the long run. Encouraging good habits, practicing excellent oral hygiene, and providing access to early preventive care with a dentist can set your child on the right path towards a healthy and bright smile.

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

The primary (baby) teeth of your child play a crucial role in guiding and maintaining the proper development of their adult dentition. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that they remain healthy and appropriately cared for, as it can significantly influence their future smile and self-confidence.

We provide a range of pediatric dentistry services, including:



Routine evaluations monitor your child’s oral development and allow us to pinpoint concerns when they’re smaller and easier to address. We recommend an exam at least twice a year beginning at age

Orthodontic Evaluation

Our evaluation focuses on your child's oral development, jaw anatomy, and eruption patterns to identify any potential issues that could lead to problems in the future.

Dental Cleanings

Regular cleanings every six months helps maintain your child's smile clean and fresh. The dentist will also provide education on proper teeth and gum care between appointments


An abscessed tooth can cause severe pain and pose a risk to your child's overall health. To preserve the affected tooth until the permanent one emerges, we use gentle pulpotomies combined with crowns.

Protective Sealants

Dental sealants are protective coatings that prevent cavity-causing bacteria from infiltrating the deep grooves on your child's back teeth. Applying a sealant only takes a few minutes, and may be recommended for permanent molars that emerge around the ages of 6-12.

Dental Fillings

Baby teeth are prone to decay at a faster rate, which can lead to the spread of cavities into nerves or neighboring teeth. Our white fillings are a conservative approach to repair damaged areas and prevent the spread of infection. These composite fillings are not only mercury-free but also aesthetically appealing.

Fluoride Treatment

Following your child's cleaning, a professional fluoride treatment can assist in remineralizing weakened enamel, thus increasing their teeth's resistance to decay and sensitivity.

Extractions and Space Maintainers

In cases where a tooth cannot be restored, we can gently extract it and place a special appliance to prevent crowding or blockage to the underlying adult tooth.

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