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Having confidence in the appearance of your smile is invaluable. However, if your teeth are stained and discolored, it can undermine your self-assurance. An expert and efficient teeth whitening procedure can elevate your smile to a new level, delivering a youthful and vibrant radiance.

When contemplating a smile makeover, we often suggest teeth whitening as one of the initial steps. In numerous cases, brightening your teeth is an ideal cosmetic treatment in itself. Moreover, it kick starts the makeover journey, enabling our dentist to align new dental work with your newly brightened teeth. 

Whiter teeth that make you feel younger and healthier

  • There are various edibles and drinks that can cause discoloration of your teeth. In cases where a dental cleaning performed by a professional fails to sufficiently improve the appearance of your teeth, regarding the shade, teeth whitening may be advised.
  • Research has demonstrated that teeth whitening is both safe and efficacious. Several studies have verified the safety of tooth whitening for teeth. For many years, hydrogen peroxide has been utilized to produce dependable light-triggered tooth whitening.

Your Bright White Smile

  • A professional treatment done in the clinic typically achieves the fastest and most effective results. In-office whitening treatments contain whitening agents in higher concentrations than over-the-counter products.

During the Whitening session

  • The procedure for Flash teeth whitening entails covering the gums for protection, then applying multiple layers of whitening gel to the teeth, which is activated by light. This approach is gentle on tooth enamel and has been scientifically validated for its efficacy. With proper maintenance, the results can last a considerable length of time.
  • Cosmetic whitening products containing hydrogen peroxide in higher concentrations ranging which are restricted to patients who are over 18 years old and can only be sold by dentists.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

If you have tooth-colored restorations like porcelain crowns or white fillings, it’s important to know that they won’t whiten when exposed to whitening gel. This means that if they’re in a visible area of your mouth, you may need to consider replacing them with a newer shade that matches your desired tooth color.

The effectiveness of teeth whitening products can vary depending on various factors such as the type of gel or light used and the method of application. At our facility, we offer personalized consultations to determine the most suitable whitening approach tailored to your individual needs and desired outcomes.

Maintaining good oral hygiene and undergoing regular dental cleanings can help prevent and eliminate surface stains on your teeth. However, as time goes by, the porous enamel of our teeth can absorb pigments from the food and beverages we consume, causing discoloration. In such cases, professional teeth whitening agents can effectively oxidize the stain particles, safely lifting them to reveal a brighter and more radiant smile.

Each person’s teeth have some level of inherent yellowish tint, which is influenced by the individual composition of their teeth. Professional teeth whitening procedures can help brighten your smile, but it may not eliminate the yellowish hue entirely. In such cases, if you are concerned about the yellowish tint, you may want to explore the option of dental veneers.

Most adults with healthy gums and teeth can usually undergo teeth whitening treatment. However, it is essential to check for any tooth-colored restorations like white fillings or crowns that may be present in the visible area of your teeth. These restorations will not respond to the whitening gel, and we may need to replace them with a suitable shade to match your new tooth color.